Excavating & Foundation Repair Services in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

Depend on the experienced professionals at Stone Brothers Construction & Excavating LLC to meet your construction needs. Located in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, we provide a variety of excavating services.
Excavating Services
Our construction and remodeling services include various excavating capabilities that are designed to meet the structural needs of your home. These excavating services encompass the following:
  • Foundations
  • Sand Mound
  • Septic Systems
  • Demolitions
  • Driveways & Grading
  • Excavating for Landscaping
Finish Grading
Finish grading is the process of putting the finishing touches on your lawn after the rough grade and the establishment of proper drainage. This provides the final shaping of your yard, and prepares your seedbed or sod base for completion by removing extra rock and debris from the seedbed, while also pulverizing the soil. This process produces an ideal result, giving your lawn a smooth, finished look.
Foundation Services
When structural damage to your foundation is not properly fixed, your foundation problems worsen, and in the event that your foundation continues to shift, repair costs escalate while your property value decreases. That's where we come in, planning and completing your new foundation construction. Our skilled technicians take all the appropriate actions to create a stable foundation with proper drainage.
Septic Systems
We are happy to assist you in troubleshooting your septic issues, whether they require repair, replacement, or something different. We know the complexities of city and county septic system regulations like the backs of our hands, so count on us to understand what your septic problems require, and what your options are in resolving them.
Sand Mound
Some applications allow for conventional septic systems; however, sometimes sand mounds are required, depending upon the type of drain that you have. Our pick-and-perk test will determine whether you require a sand mound. Sand mound septic systems are used for aberrant soil conditions, and are also used when you have rocky soil, since the effluent will run right through it without being treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is proper depth of your foundation footers and French drains so important?
To ensure that water and frost can never penetrate under and in your home leading to cracking bulging and wet spots on the walls.
Why are properly installed septic systems and sewer lines so important?
If not excavated and sloped properly, sewage can back up into your home and also damage the lines and septic field.
Why is proper grading around my house important?
Water running and lying beside the foundation can cause excessive weight leading to cracks and water seepage in the walls
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